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a multidisciplinary architecture studio, focused on the holistic integration of our architecture, interiors, and gardens, to create comfortable, elegant and luminous space.


Through our practice of Architecture, we are in constant pursuit of ideas, strategies, and design solutions for improving life, harnessing sunlight, and cultivating a connection with nature.

We love to build with natural and native materials, striving for a thoughtful integration of our buildings and gardens into the surrounding environment.

We are inspired by innovation yet value the hand crafted traditions of vernacular and indigenous building typologies.  

We work to provide a dynamic environment for living and to honor the spirit of the places where we build.


Daniel e. Michels    architect    a.i.a.


I am ever grateful to live in such a place, surrounded by the sea, enchanted by nature.   A good portion of my life has been spent immersed in the forest, the sand, or the water.

Family taught me how to work with my hands, to use the tools of the trades.  They provided me with a solid foundation in the art of building, and a deep appreciation for craftsmanship .

My curiosity with construction inevitably led me to Manhattan, where my lifelong study of architecture began.  Design studios led me to Venice, Bologna, and Istanbul.  These incredible environments provided me with endless opportunity to attempt to understand context, time, and space; a pursuit that continues still with every new project.   

Over the last three decades I have had the pleasure of collaborating with many talented and visionary creators, makers, and clients.  These valuable relationships are forged while shaping materials into unique, functional, and exciting spaces.  This incredible process continually provides inspiration, knowledge, and enthusiasm for creating architecture which is worthy of its place, of the materials with which it is constructed, and of the effort put forth to make the ideas become a reality. 

"We are born of light.  The seasons are felt through light.  We only know the world as it is evoked by light." 

Louis I. Kahn


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