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    Native to the south fork of Long Island, a good portion of Daniel's life has been spent immersed in the forest, the sand, or the water, cultivating a connection to the natural world.      

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    Through undergraduate university he worked with family as a house painter and carpenter.  These valuable experiences equipped him with a thorough understanding of construction.  He then began apprenticing as a draughtsman with several prominent Architects.  Here he developed an appreciation for handcrafted building techniques while collaborating with many talented builders on new and historical Shingle Style homes.

     Continuing to work as a project architect, Daniel returned to University to receive a professional degree in Architecture at the New York Institute of Technology.  Design studio professors introduced him to the theories and ideals of modern Architecture.  These new concepts on the composition and construction of buildings transformed his perspective on how space can be manipulated and how we interact within its boundaries  

      Semester abroad led Daniel to the romantic aquatic city of Venice, Italy.  The study of this ancient  pedestrian city continued to enlighten his understanding of how space can be defined, while challenging his perception of how people move through and inhabit such spaces.   


   A unique chance to travel presented itself and Daniel ventured east once again for thesis design studio, to the historical peninsula city where the west meets the east.  Istanbul provides endless opportunity to study how contemporary life is juxtaposed against the Architecture of Antiquity.  Layers upon layers of architecture, infrastructure, culture, and humanity offered a unique perspective to analyze the fourth dimension of this extraordinary place , time.  

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    Upon completion of his degree, Daniel apprenticed with an esteemed landscape designer, where he learned the importance of native landscaping in a local ecosystem.  He discovered the transformative power of plants and their ability to enrich Architectural design.  

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    After almost three decades of collaboration with many talented and visionary creators, makers, and patrons, Daniel opened the doors to his own practice in 2019, offering his unique vision for shaping materials into exciting space.   He is passionate about creating places where people are happy, comfortable and connected to nature.

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